FORSEE eMMC is reliable?
As part of our big project, we are using the ROCK64(1G with 0.5.15-136) with FORSEE eMMC module. We have observed corruption issue very often. Most of the time, during the reboot, it shows that lot of bad block checks and trying to recover. During this time, sometimes it won't recover and it ends with initramfs prompt.  Where we are completely loosing partition 7 (root file system). 

Is this common with FORSEE? We tried other vendors of eMMC, where these are coming with some padding for other side of the connector, which seems little reliable than FORSEE. We are suspecting this as something mechanical issue.

However if we need to recover I would think we need to forced fsck on every boot before mounting the partitions. But when booting it complains about fsck is not available with initramfs. Is there anyway to include fsck with initramfs? or any other practices are available to overcome these issues?


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