Need help with a problem on all OSs
Hello everyone.

I have a problem that I can not solve on my own. I've been trying for some days without success so I had no choice other than asking for help here.

The thing is that I can not set correctly a static IP on my rock64. I mean, I do can, but the device will ALSO maintain the previous DHCP assigned IP forever. My device does have two IP addresses on the same interface eth0 (not even eth0:1). The problem is that the behaviour is unpredictable.  I will explain myself:

For example, I can connect to it using TCP, and it works perfectly, on BOTH IPs.

But, if I use UDP, it will answer with the DHCP assigned IP, thus the source discards the connection.

I have tried everything I could think of. I installed three different ayufan's stable releases as well as non stable ones (jessie minimal 0.5.15, OMV3 0.6.31, OMV3 0.15.5, OMV4, now I have stretch 0.6.31).. And the problem persists.

No matter if I use omv web panel, or /etc/network/interfaces. I can set an IP, but the other one will be there as well forever.

The only thing that I can think of is the way I am installing the OSs, in case there is some problem.

I just use a SD-installed OS to boot, then I use a script that automatically downloads and writes the image to the emmc card. I am not "formatting" that emmc before. does not work for me, nor does the jumper to boot on sd card. If I have both the sd and emmc, it will boot the sd, so I use it to write the emmc, then I take the sd off to boot from emmc. If I use the jumper, I will boot on SD as well, but the emmc will not be available, even if I take the jumper off, and use the reset script (which says device does not exist).

Thanks for your help. If you need any further information to help me I will provide it as soon as I can.

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