LCD not functioning with A64-LTS/SOPINE
tllim: Thanks for you response.

In an effort to solidify the fact that the hardware I have functions correctly I purchased a PINE64 A64+ board for testing the LCD. I also purchased a second LCD to test. Both LCD units work just fine with the Android 6.0 for LCD image from the wiki. Both LCD units produce the same negative results when tested using the A64-LTS and SOPINE boards that I have here.

I have asked this a few times, no has yet provided me with an answer, but, tllim, do you have any knowledge of anyone actually running the LCD with Android on an A64-LTS or SOPINE setup? I don't think anyone actually has.

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RE: LCD not functioning with A64-LTS/SOPINE - by icullumber - 04-03-2018, 10:38 AM

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