LCD not functioning with A64-LTS/SOPINE
After working with the A64-LTS and SOPINE boards for two weeks now I have come to the following conclusion: Android for SOPINE/A64-LTS and LCD does not work. The issue is software based. Using an original PINE64 board both screens that I have work just fine. On the A64-LTS/SOPINE boards Armbian is able to control the LCD just fine. Therefore, the problem lies with the Android build.
The Android builds on the PINE64 wiki are total garbage. The Android 6.0 build posted on the wiki tries to initialize the 3.3V for the DSI and then promptly craps out if a LCD screen is attached. I presume nobody tested that build at all with a LCD attached. Ayufan's Android 6.0 build is at least functional in all ways excepting the usage of the LCD. I am able to get the LCD to come up with his build (as stated in the previous post), but not in any fashion that would be acceptable for an end-user. I have not been able to get any version of Android (5, 6, or 7) from any supplier to work with the LCD on bootup. Disappointing.

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RE: LCD not functioning with A64-LTS/SOPINE - by icullumber - 04-02-2018, 03:57 PM

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