Has anyone taken Puppy for a run?
I received my Pinebook a few weeks ago and have enjoyed playing with it, and of course pulling it apart. It's nice to pull apart something that humans can actually work with, pretty nicely made with no glue. All in all a great platform for hacking. Congrats to the builders and devs, well done. On the default Ubuntu Mate, I installed Misfit3D and Meshlab OK, a couple of 3D packages I use frequently, as well as Openshot and Audacity. Just for fun I installed Red Eclipse and managed to get 4 fps, though I didn't really expect it to even run at all. I tried a few other distros, including Bliss (misnamed in my opinion) and Android and the experience was still disappointing.

Then I remembered there was a Puppy Linux version for ARM. Barry Kauler, the developer of Puppy built an ARM version for the Raspberry Pi, Quirky, this is his post announcing it - http://barryk.org/news/?viewDetailed=00441 I have used this on the Pi and it works well so I tried to boot the Pinebook with the image, but without success. Would be interested if anyone else has had a try?  I looked in the Puppy forums and could only find a mention of of the Pine64 board but no post relating to running Quirky on the Pine platform.

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Has anyone taken Puppy for a run? - by CD Xbow - 09-02-2017, 09:08 PM

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