Project DAW Platform: Fully capable Audio Production, Recording Station
So I have gotten much farther along with this project, I have just been so busy with work, and all my time is developing for other things. Can't complain though!! Since I have nearly mastered the yocto project I have decided to go that route for OS, It will be as large as needed and be less bloated. I may switch to the rock64 but I am not sure yet, there is BSP support in OE but there's much more PINE64/allwinner bsp support.I've decided that with the pine 64, there will be at least 2 more separate MCU's, one will strictly handle all midi functionality for the final piece, and I will use an STM32 F4Discovery board for analog in and out, as well as dsp for sine wave creation and manipulation. It will be standalone but it will also in some way interface with a daw such as Logic Pro X or Pro Tools(I don't care for Ableton of fl studio, I actually write the music I hate supplied loops and am not an EDM musician aka find loops and press the pad the boost gain while slamming flange and reverb. If anyone is familiar with the newer NI Maschine, or Maschine2's that's the best representation of what I am aiming for.

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