Setting up your own Weather Station
I haven't found yet any post about this, so I am setting one as I work through what I have. 

Disclaimer: I am a noob, don't get biased by my moderator status ;-) 

Alright so let's start by the goal: 

Goal. I need a weather station to be used on a Net-Zero building. They are getting popular in Hawaii, since electricity is expensive here. I just happen to be a hire in a group dealing with those stuff, so I see the potential to use my pine to play around with this.  Tongue I will basically dump my Pine in there and collect some data side-by-side with other sensors that already exist there. I imagine the IoT kit likely would benefit from this as well. 

If you browsed over the backerkit, you will see this:

[Image: CRbR9SD.png]

So, the Humidity/Temperature sensor and the Ambient Sensor call attention right off the bat. But is that all we need? Digging in the wiki, I found this template:

[Image: I2c_Cable_Connection.JPG]

Looking back at the Backetkit, you will notice the I2C POT is the "Pine64 12C Multiport POT. Further digging the wiki you will find how it is connected to the Pine64:

[Image: PMI2C01_I2C_Board_Rev1-3.jpg]

Awesome. Now we got the two main folks plugged in, the next is to worry about the sensors. Where do they go? Looking back at the template, we can see the 12C connector has a 4Way Connector and a 5 Way Connector. Again, referring to the wiki, if we stare close enough we will observe this is the number of pins for each sensor (the "white thing"):

[Image: PMSDO01_Dew_Point_Sensor_Rev1-1.jpg]
[Image: PMSAL01_Light_Sensor_Rev1-1.jpg]

4 and 5 respectively. Inspecting closer the 12C POT we will see it has both 4 and 5 here and there with the 5 names..

Ok great so we see the holes. Now what we are missing is how to plug them in.. and again checking the wiki we get a picture of the actual thing built up:

[Image: PMI2C01_I2C_Board_Rev1-2.jpg] 

Looking at the template again, we can see this is not really the arrangement being shown. Rather it seems closer to this one:

[Image: PMWF01A_Wifi_Remote_IO_Rev3-4.jpg]

Which is plugged to the Wi-Fi module instead....but seems inconsistent with the template naming. Either way, depending on which set-up we go this may influence if we want 4-way cables, 5-way, or 4-to-5 cables as shown on the template. Seeing this also made me wonder: For those who added the wi-fi and blue-tooth module at the $89 tier, can we just go with the second arrangement and avoid building the 12C POT? What else would we plug in there? 

Thats it for now. :-) Hopefully someone with more expertise feels like sharing their know-how here. To this point, the POT Development Board and Z-Wave remain a full mistery to me, other than the later is useful for OpenHub OS as it is part of the IoT kit.  I am also not sure if the USB Serial Programmer is just an extra USB port or if there is anything special to it. 

Again if you know anything about this, please consider starting a thread, or providing educational links or simple reply to this thread ;-)

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