LVDS support
(12-13-2015, 02:56 AM)tllim Wrote:
(12-12-2015, 10:00 PM)Flood_of_SYNs Wrote: I saw on the pine64 wiki that the block diagram for the CPU/SOC shows LVDS 1366x768 as a display option.
I am interesting in using that interface, is it accessible on one of the headers?
We choice MIPSI DSI instead of LVDS due to support higher resolution and also less pin.

While this decision is logical it isn't practical. In the US I have searched everywhere for a MIPI display distributor where a hobbyist can buy low-quantities of displays and NONE exist. What good is a higher resolution display interface that uses fewer pins if there are few to no displays that can be used with the interface? You have effectively limited your potential market from people who wish to create devices from 4-inch to 20 inch displays supporting up to 1366x768 resolution to people who use the MIPI displays that the Pine64 team provides. A better decision would have been to open up one set of display pins to allow users to use ANY of the GPU's supported display types allowing for the creation of devices with even smaller, more affordable screens using a parallel 24-bit interface. 

The Raspberry Pi team suffers from this problem as well and at least they have no other options due to the closed-source nature of the GPU they use. You really screwed over hobbyists on this one.

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