Q: dont know what tyo do?
hi all. I purchased the 89 backer pkg. as well as 1 of every item.  i am not even sure what the possibilities are with this but im hoping i can get some honest help here.

The PINE A64+ Box w/ Touch Screen You will get the PINE A64+ 1GB unit along with 64GB MicroSD Pre-Loaded with Android 5.1 OS, 802.11N Wifi + Bluetooth 4.0, PINE64 Power Supply, 7" LCD touchscreen panel, the PINE64 Enclosure. 2GB upgrade available for $10 later. (Light Assembly Required)
Pledge Questions
What kind of power supply do you need?
USA 5V Power Supply
Would you like to upgrade to the 2GB model for an extra $10?
Yes, upgrade to 2GB!
What are you planning on building / doing with your PINE64?
i truly have no idea
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5 Way 12C Cable
Qty: 1 x $1.25
4 Way 12C Cable
Qty: 1 x $1.25
5-Way to 4-Way I2C Cable
Qty: 1 x $1.25
PINE64 Z-Wave Module (US version)
Qty: 1 x $29.99
USB Keyboard HUB.
Qty: 1 x $10.99
PINE64 Ambient Light Sensor
Qty: 1 x $9.24
PINE64 Air Mouse with Keyboard
Qty: 1 x $20.24
5MP Camera Module
Qty: 1 x $13.24
8000mAH 3.7V Lithium Polymer Battery *USA ONLY
Qty: 1 x $20.49
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