Unsupported video mode warning in dmesg
(02-01-2017, 11:50 AM)utdrmac Wrote: Hi all.
Just burned/installed the latest longsleep xenial-20161218-1. On boot, I see the following warning on console:

[HDMI WRN] file:drivers/video/sunxi/disp2/hdmi/drv_hdmi.c,line:331: unsupported video mode 65535 when set display mode

Thoughts? I know just a warning, but I'd rather not have it if possible.

If you look through the boot logs you'll notice lots of warnings;  you can ignor them all.

As far as the hdmi warnings, very few video modes are supported on our images;  in fact, really only two... 1080p60 and 720p60...  in fact, its a wonder hdmi even works on our gnu+linux loads.  The only reason it does ( and these are longsleep's words ) is because it was so easy.  hdmi video is the weak-link on the Pine boards.

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