BROM / Boot0 - Limitations
(01-03-2017, 06:53 AM)Flint Wrote: Ok, I didn't know that Allwinner released an open-source version, I'll have a look at it.
Is there any official repo where I can found the sources?

No problem to publicly talk about my work, after all, I'm asking for opening so I have to be too.

I have interest on Boot0 because I'm working to fully integrate the pine64 board with mainline U-Boot for a personal project.
I'm currently working on a Linux distribution for home/laboratory clusters based on pine64.

I can't use the remarkable work of Longsleep and other contributor as this distribution will be composed as follow:

* U-Boot mainline 64Bit version.
* AB Boot partitioning.
* HDMI Video output.
* U-Boot splashscreen.

* Linux Kernel 4.x Series.
* Minimal OS (Kernel + shell + required tool).
* Systemd integration.
* Snapcraft software packaging/distribution/isolation.
* Automatic reversible atomic updates.

I perfectly know that huge blockroads are on the way, but hey! Rome didn't built up in a day neither Linux :p and it is a side project which I have plenty time to play around with.

Allwinner don't release libdram code as open source due to some security concern that they have. However, Sunxi folks already figure out. If you ready need the libdram code, you can PM me. For mainline, please check on apritzel work:

For cluster usage, this may interest you:

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