OSMC compatibility
(01-15-2017, 07:12 PM)ootoovak Wrote: I have recently got my 2GB Pine 64s (2 of them) and I was planning on using one as a server and one as a media centre.

It is looking more and more like the media centre might not happen
given the issues that seem to exist around the Allwinner company not releasing it's source code and hardware acceleration support perhaps not being great.

This also seems to rule out Kodi and Stremio.

The Android TV builds seem like they might be an option but from reading here the Netflix support seems to be buggy even in the most promising build. I will be installing an Android TV image soon to test this myself.

Pine 64 company owners, can you please answer these questions:
  • Are you talking to Allwinner at all?
  • Is there potential that this issue will be resolved so there is better software support for your hardware?

Thank you for any news you can provide this and the OSMC open source community.  Smile


as the Pine 64 company made a big deal about this board being a good board for KODI yet these problems exist.
it's easy to promo something and the forget about the fact that a lot of people also bought the board to use only as a  media centre...

so can you guys answer the questions please... Huh

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