Correct Voltage For Powering From Euler??
Hi all, it's a pleasure to be here on the forum. This is my first post, but I have been shaddowing on the site for quite some time. I finally received my Pine64 2G model and would like to power the device from the Euler port. I have various power adapters of varrying voltages and I have read reports of people using up to 5.2V over USB to power their device due to the voltage drop problem. However, I am not sure how this would apply to the Euler method. These are the power adapters I have:

- Offical Pine64 USB psu               @ 5.0V
- rpi3 Offical USB psu                     @ 5.1V
- GizmoJunkies rpi3 USB psu        @ 5.3v 

I don't want to burn the machine out so just wanted to check with you guys first to see which of the above would be best suited for this! I was leaning toward the rpi3 @ 5.1V but not too sure.

Thanks a bunch!

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Correct Voltage For Powering From Euler?? - by thisrestricted - 10-10-2016, 08:02 PM

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