Don't vi on me and tell me it's raining! Where's pico?
Hello all,

Love it.  

I've not used vi  seriously since the 1990's, and as a modal editor, I managed to remember enough to quit.  :q!  My current editor of preference is sublime text, which is awesome!, but not on the basic boot images found here, let alone for arm instruction sets.

My long time editor is emacs, cause it does lots, and the key bindings work for Cisco kit too, and lots of other systems.  Missing.

My go to ultra light weight editor is pico, taken from the pine email program (yeah, any one using pine yet, on pine???), and it provides plenty of what's needed for basic system editing.  But that's not here either.

Copying from my netbook does no good, cause the binaries are all x86_64, and pine64 is AArch64.  

So, I am looking for these as precompiled binaries, and failing that, I'll have to cross compile on the netbook.  Or I could refresh myself on vi, but...yeah... that's gonna happen.

I'll post my solution once I've found it.

David, the lip smacking pirate hedgehog.  "SHIVER me timbers!"  

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Don't vi on me and tell me it's raining! Where's pico? - by tampadave - 09-19-2016, 05:15 PM

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