Only 2 cores
What you are describing is normal.

... in Android the only cores that are reported are the ones that are actually processing. If the machine is under heavy load you will see all four cores working 0 - 3. However, when things lighten up, the cores that are no longer needed disappear from the list.

If you connect a serial ttl bridge cable to your EXP header pins 7, 8, and 9 and then monitor the serial console on another pc (or sbc) you will be able to see the cores come and go.

Not to worry, your Android is fine.

one more thing...

... an app you might like to try is 'CPU Temp' on play store. The app lets you monitor the CPU temperature as well the process load, battery, and so forth. On the setting tab is a tab for CPU information: you will see the cores currently functioning there, numbered from zero 0 - 3. If you stir the pot, so to speak, you'll see it bump up to 3, then as things simmer down, you'll see it drop back to 2 or 1.
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