Audio quality
(08-13-2016, 10:40 PM)ctigs Wrote: But like you said, it's a computer.  Just like my orange pi, my banana pi, and my desktop, my laptop, my tablets and even my phone.  I don't know why you're blaming an impedance mismatch for speakers designed for use on a computer to be the problem as to the audio quality being bad when connected to a computer?


ctigs, hi, I'm not 'blaming' anything nor anyone. 

... the reason I mentioned impedence matching is that the audio cards of most PC computer systems are VERY high quality and have been specifically designed to drive powered speakers.  We have no idea (really) what are the specifics of the audio circuitry of the PineA64 board yet, because we as yet do not have the up-to-date schematics. We have an out-of-date user's manual, and a schematic diagram that is also out-of-date and does not match all boards. I would not be surprised in the least if there were an impedence problem between the PineA64 board and your powered speakers input... neither here nor there... this is not a statement of blame, its just a theoretical possibility which should be pursued. 

I can tell you this... one of the things that impressed me about the PineA64 board is the quality of its audio -- it does not match my quad stereo system and Boze speakers... but it is very good for a $29 computer board on an index card !  

I am running debian, with the longsleep kernel, and with longsleep's audio jack codec /  on my system (with ear buds) the quality of the PineA64 sound is phenomenal. And the quality of the sound via the hdmi port on my system monitor (LG 24" with stereo) is also phenomenal. I have piped it through my sound board (Radio Shack six channel) to my stereo system with Boze speakers, and it is also phenomenal. In my case the impedence match is between my hdmi monitor and the inputs of my sound board (automatic impedence matching)... then off to the stereo system. It sounds beautiful.

The sound card in my old PS1 computer sounds better... duh... it was a $128.00 card !  ... and its a synth !

Again, the PineA64 board is a SBC computer board capable of producing quality sound... it is not, however, a high quality sound system capable of computing. That is a nuance worth contemplating.

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