Screen ghosting and omitting rows of pixels...
I've had my phone for over a year and several months ago it started omitting every 4th or 5th row of pixels, all down the screen. This makes text look unsmooth and as if it was made of lines. It also does a strange ghosting type thing where it continues to display blocks of the last pixels displayed. It's much more noticeable on black areas of the screen.

Currently, I'm running Arch Linux on it (phosh), but it's the same with Debian phosh and Debian plasma-mobile and some other OS I've tried.

The bizarre thing is that it seems to be perfect at times, but will then all the sudden start ghosting and omitting rows of pixels. This often happens during boot up. Once it happens, it tends to not go away.

I will say that I have used the phone in my bath though have never gotten water on it, but it has been exposed to humidity, so maybe that's it? Never had a problem with any of my other devices doing this. Right now I've put it infront of a heater to see if just maybe there was some residual water in it that could be evaporated.

Otherwise, the phone is perfectly fine; touch works perfectly, it's just as fast (or slow :p ), and I can take calls...

I'll send a picture of it in a week or so, as I've finally caved and bought an Android phone so will have a decent camera.

Also, I've not done any tweaks to it, such as over-driving the CPU or whatnot.

Any ideas or similar experiences?

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Screen ghosting and omitting rows of pixels... - by bedtime - 12-28-2023, 01:26 PM

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