PPP not booting: Missing DTB
My Pinephone Pro doesn't start and it seems like the bootloader itself is not working. 

Whether I press or hold the power button or connect the charging cable or combine the former with holding any of the volume buttons, nothing happens - no vibration, no LED light, no display output. 

The battery does not seem to be the problem - it works reliably in my older Pinephone. 

I tried flashing a fresh Manjaro image to an SD card and booting it in the PPP by holding the RE button during the startup. Again, no visible response

The following output from the PPP console is the only response I am able to get. It is shown right after a startup attempt.

U-Boot TPL 2021.10 (Oct 04 2021 - 15:09:26)
sdram_init: LPDDR4 - 50MHz failed!
rk3399_dmc_init DRAM init failed -22
Missing DTB

After this the console remains mute. However, the device seems to be "running" - for lack of a better word - the chipset cover is slightly warm and to replicate the former console output again, the power button needs to be pressed for a few seconds - just like in regular reset.

Could you please help me with an advice? Is the device dead for good? Have anyone encountered a similar behavior?

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