Using lat/lon in GPS/GNSS apps and Messaging
I have found over the years that when working with open source navigation and mapping most involving OSM it can be difficult to import and export locations especially when using a non-Roman alphabet.
When possible I like to be able to input and export WGS84 latitude and longitude so say I was referring to Bern Switzerland I would input 46°56′53″N 7°26′51″E into the map app.
IN LineageOS with microG even a google maps link with coordinates will give the option to open with OSMand mapping app.
I have tried dumping raw lat/lon into both the Gneom Maps and PureMaps apps and neither can read the raw decimal or deg,min,sec not even n46, e7 or 46n, 7e is received as useful input. Perhaps the app can be launched with coordinates via CLI?

There are commands to get coordinates directly via terminal
sudo watch -n 5 mmcli -m any --location-get
sudo mmcli -m any --location-get
neither of which are reliable or fast ways to get the location your phone has established by scanning for local networks or has cached. I will look more into getting responses form GeoClue.

It would be nice to have a way to get them right to clipboard to past into text or IMs.
In addition to my phone and tablet I also am a big believer in folded sheet maps(prefer polymer to paper) and bound mapbooks, I also use modular GPS receivers which only output lat/lon so it is the one way I can integrate all of these resources and check one against another for accuracy.

How are you managing and sharing your location 'pins'?

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