Installing Arch Linux ARM on the Quartz64
I've updated the link to my kernel package on the wiki to one with a 5.18-rc kernel package with PCIe patches applied on top. My ALARM PR still hasn't been merged, but I'm used to not having those merged at this point.

I've also received my Quartz64 Model B, but we have discovered that it's a newer board revision than the one Peter wrote his device tree against. The result is that Ethernet isn't working. We'll look into it once we have the schematics. Once that's fixed, I'll be sure to update the instructions for Model B.

I've also been thinking about providing finished images. This would basically involve me installing a full system onto a file and then releasing that file, with the kernel package preinstalled. I'd probably also run a repository to provide a linux-aarch64-quartz64 kernel and add that, in order to make sure I can keep users of it updated. Users could then simply write that image to their storage device of choice. Would people be interested in this, as way to not have to use usermode emulation? I'd also give instructions on how to resize the rootfs after flashing to make it use up the entire extent of your storage medium.

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