Exp Header UART for TTL is True Serial Console (very nice)
Over-night I was able to experiment a bit with the other uart ports on the debian (102bsp) image:

0)  uart0  /dev/ttyS0   console

The uart0 console device has pins on the EXP header; pin(7) and pin(8)
Also, uart0 console device has pins on the euler bus; pin(29) and pin(30)

I used a PL2303 serial ttl cable to each of these ports to veryfiy identical operation.

2)  uart2   /dev/ttyS2   PI bus            pin(8) and pin(10)

3)  uart3   /dev/ttyS3   Euler bus      pin(24) and pin(23)

4)  uart4   /dev/ttyS4   Euler bus      pin(19) and  pin(21)

The kernel designations for uart0-4  /dev/ttyS0-4 are affirmed. I used (sudo screen /dev/ttySX 115200) to 'talk' to the serial connection on my HP notebook using the PL2303 serial ttl cable.  Rx -- Tx  jumper could be used as well.

/dev/ttyS4 is interesting since this uart provides hardware flow control on pin(22) PD5 (CTS) and pin(18) PD4 (RTS). 

uart1 is used by the wifi | bt  module.

The PineA64 is making a very nice serial controller; 


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