USB file transfer?
(02-24-2021, 04:40 PM)dcinoz Wrote:
(02-24-2021, 12:30 PM)marcih Wrote: Mobian used to have a daemon that would let you transfer files over MTP. Try to see if the "umtp-responder" package is available for Manjaro and install it. You can also submit a feature request in the Manjaro issue tracker (all the graphical environments have a separate one).

Apparently warrior linux style is via scp over ssh e.g.
scp ~/*.txt kde@<ip address>:/home/kde/
You can invert source and destination to copy from Pinephone to laptop/desktop from which you ssh.

You need to be able to ssh e.g. kde@<ip_address> for scp to work, of course. Google or man for scp info.

First of all sorry that I replied after so long. Until now I wasn't able to perform the above you have mentioned, so I just gave up. Now after reading other's posts in Mobian category, I installed pinephone-devtools from AUR using yay and then ssh is working now (sftp/scp/etc.). Thanks for your replies! Hope this might help some other Manjaro PinePhone users having the same problem.

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