Where is Mobian. How do you REBOOT Mobian?
(02-06-2021, 04:39 PM)K_Research Wrote: I have had this Pinephone since July of 2020 and have yet to make a successful phone call, text or take a picture none of the operating systems including the one shipped with the phone can perform these simple task.

This is actually a phone, does not seem like it...

I have pulled the battery from the phone at least 50x when it becomes non responsive out of the box it locked up and had to have the battery yanked out this Phone has spent more time getting the battery removed than productive use.

Been waiting for since July of 2020 to use as a simple phone I think its time to start my BUYER BEWARE Campaign against Pine Products in general since there is no solutions and just the run around with the occasional excuse thrown in mix of confusion.

What or where is a Megapixel? https://wiki.pine64.org/wiki/PinePhone_S...anjaro_ARM
What distro are you on? I received my phone a few days ago, and have already have full sms,calls, data, volte ( both from the GUI and terminal) 

Manjaro I had some issues with, but as soon as I switched over to mobian I started progressing. I will later revisit manjaro.  

As CharlieGordon pointed out you can go into kings cross and do:
sudo shutdown now

I've had some issues where sudo reboot now doesn't actually reboot. so I just use shutdown and manually start it up again for now. 
Another option is from the GUI just click the top bar and hit the power icon.

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