Where is Mobian. How do you REBOOT Mobian?
Where do I find support forums for Mobian I clicked on "SEARCH" then had to start scrolling my window Searching for the SEARCH box because the page never loaded with my cursor blinking waiting for me to type in my SEARCH query like all other internet sites, once I found and entered Mobian in the SEARCH BOX hit enter waited for the page to load, I discovered SEARCH is anything but SEARCH I found nothing about Mobian I had hoped a simple search for Mobian would point me to the way where I could ask my Mobian .

How do you REBOOT a Pinephone running Mobian nothing is intuitive in Mobian like figuring out how to reboot the operating system, I had to pry the back cover off the Pinephone and pull the battery, I wonder how many more times I can pull the back cover off the Pinephone before the cover no longer works, seems I spend most my time pulling the batter out than actually using the Pinephone, I've had my Pinephone

I typed sudo reboot in the command prompt thingie (forget the name most people, most operating systems call it TERMINAL) hit enter and it did NOTHING the command prompt thingie would respond to every key on the keyboard except for the RETURN key.

I've had my Pinephone since 07-19-2020 and yet been able to take a picture worth saving the quality of the pictures are 10x worse than the worse digital camera I have ever owned.

I have tried 5 different operating systems none can receive or make a successful phone call or take a picture worth saving what is everyone else doing to make the Pinephone a functional cell PHONE?

WHY is anybody wasting time installing apps like a calculator, Chess, Clocks, Calendar, Firefox, document viewer, Fractal, Geary etc. when the phone and camera does not work?

Thanks in advance

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Where is Mobian. How do you REBOOT Mobian? - by K_Research - 11-15-2020, 09:40 AM

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