systen type not detected (config.guess, config.sub, LMS 7.9 install
(05-18-2016, 01:29 AM)mrpn900 Wrote: hello,

I'm trying to install Logitechmediaserver on my new Pine A64+, 2GB. I'm now using this :Ubuntu Linux Image [20160502] based on Longsleep build, updated by Pine64.

I tried with Debian base and Xenial from too.

I end up with some modules not loading. I have tried to use different versions of Perl (originally5.22) and building the CPAN modules myself ( No luck. It seems that config.guess and config.sub  included in those numerous tars are not able to detect the system. Is there any known  workround for this?

I intend to use PINE as my LMS server, so any distro as basis is enough for me. No need for GUI even

I'm NOT an expert so probably I'm doing something trivially wrong
Read those config.* files, at the top is the URL of the latest version. Replace the files with the latest version and try again.

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