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[Volunteer needed]Too high DRAM clock speed MAY be causing you random crashes/freezes
(03-24-2021, 04:55 AM)eugenr Wrote:
(03-24-2021, 03:09 AM)Narvod Wrote: Hi,

I'm running Mobian (so default is 552Hz, right?), and although it is pretty stable, I still have random crashes from time to time. So I would like to try a different dram clockspeed to see if it can get even more stable !

Phoc 0.6 (part of Phosh) and older (?) is known to crash often. That's the current on my Mobian. It seems to be more stable with phoc version 0.7:

OK, I'll wait then  Smile But I had those crashes with plasma mobile and lomiri with ubports in the past as well. I know every OS is in beta stage so I don't really mind, I just don't want to have a worse user experience than necessary if a fix is already availaible. I'll keep the underclocking possibility in mind if it doesn't change in the future I suppose
As a note, Manjaro ARM builds and packages a few variants of U-Boot for the PinePhone, which allow different DRAM frequencies (492, 528, 552, 592 and 624 MHz) to be easily tried out.  If you're a Manjaro ARM user, just write the desired variant of the U-Boot to your boot device, reboot and test, with no need to search around for an appropriate U-Boot image.
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Mine will error even at 492MHz. I must have a very bad sample.
I suspect most people here, who have unstable devices at normal or higher RAM speeds are having the same issue I am having.

It was solved with a kernel patch from @smaeul

What was once unstable at 492MHz (or any RAM speed) is now running stock 552MHz without crashing, on a patched kernel.
Arch Linux Arm has released linux-pine64-5.12.4-1 kernel which has the patch.

I am running it at 624MHz RAM speed on a device that would previously hang at 492MHz.

Manjaro has released a kernel with the patch based on https://github.com/megous/linux/releases...10519-1214
This should put an end to a longstanding issue that affected many devices.  It's awesome! Smile

After some more testing, we could probably remove some or all of the PinePhone U-Boot variants built and packaged by Manjaro ARM, which allow different DRAM frequencies to be selected.
Is this still something I should be aware of as a new user running Arch? I experience frequent, seemingly random crashes.
I like the debs makes it really easy to dl and install via ssh.
A nice tool would be a control center with things like temps and throttle limits as well as config values or sliders for the various clock speeds on different components.
In the N900 days we have a few apps like this which would let us set swap values(only 256mb RAM!!), and other tools which would let us tweak the CPU and and GPU.
The GPU tweak will become important as more apps are built with opengl using the GPU.

As for the speed I installed 588mhz deb though I suspect my random crashes are more related to running the CPU hot trying to use Firefox to check webmail than memory.

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