Unstable Wi-Fi connection with some networks
For some reason, my 1080p Pinebook has a stable connection only with my home network. I run Armbian Mainline (but I've seen similar behavior with KDE Neon, too). When I connect to other networks, such as my work Wi-Fi network - connection randomly goes down and won't connect after that at all. The only solution in this case for me is to do

# rmmod 8723cs
# modprobe 8723cs

But this works only until first connection loss, because it would eventually stop reconnecting again and module would have to be reloaded again. This is most likely a driver issue. Has anyone encountered such behavior?
I have occasional problems with the Wifi dropping as wel.
This is a known issue with the current Linux mainline kernels, it seems. (KDE neon worked fine for me)

However, this mostly happens if you are on battery. With A/C power it seems to work fine.
This makes you think of the power management as a possible culprit ( and the driver)

Not sure if this is also your situation though.
I tried running on battery, but with my home network it's still OK.

But I think I've figured even more probable reason for Wi-Fi connection dropping. All networks that I've had problem with were networks that had several repeaters installed (e.g. work network with several repeater access points with same SSID, or subway train's onboard Wi-Fi, where each train car has a technically separate Wi-Fi repeater sharing same SSID).

I suppose driver might be going crazy when it sees multiple networks with same SSIDs, but different BSSIDs and signal levels. Perhaps it's even trying to connect a base station with better signal, and then it breaks.

At same time, my home network has a single access point without repeaters, so it would explain why it works OK.

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