OpenBSD for RockPro64
(10-01-2020, 02:23 AM)simonp Wrote: I have a RockPro64 v2.1 on which I am trying to boot OpenBSD-current (built 2020-09-22). I booted into the installer from an SD card and successfully installed all packages onto an external USB 2.0 SSD (Samsung Portable SSD T5) by following I removed the SD card, rebooted, and got as far as the following lines after repeated attempts:
Quote:  bootfile: sd0a:/bsd
  boot device: lookup sd0a:/bsd failed
  root device:

If I press Enter, all I get is:
Quote:  use one of: exit dwge0
  root device:

For anyone who's successfully gotten OpenBSD working on their RockPro64:

    Is booting from an external drive supported or do I need to install onto and boot from an SD card?

I can post my serial log / dmesg if it would be helpful.

I haven't tried this yet, but as I have not done much with my RP64 yet, I think I'll try it.

Are you using a default current ISO? It is giving you the option to try a network boot (/dev/dwge0 is the Synopsis GBE interface on the device), and looks for the kernel and boot info on /dev/sd0a which would be a standard primary PC harddisk, first drive, first partition. If set up correctly, it would probably look for /dev/dwmmc0a or similar on the RockPro64.
Also, the link you used is for the Rock64, not the RockPro64 - different chipsets and some device differences. Loko for one that is RockPro64 specific, that is likely the culprit. I see a link to an untested (at time of writing the page) U-boot binary but not much to show whether it works or not.

OpenBSD/arm64 officially supports the Rock64 and RockPro64 - I assume you went through their site first and then to the one you linked me to for the uboot definitions? It looks like perhaps the uboot part was not run or failed, so it didn't set the right boot information - but again, I haven't done BSD on one of these yet. I've only tried the MrFixit Debian Stretch build and I've done little with it yet other than make sure it booted, that video worked and SSHing in to fiddle a little bit, so I might just go ahead with this. I have no idea whether X/Wayland will work on openBSD on this, and I don't haev high hopes for video playback, but I can easily reburn that image to a microSD, and i think I might even have a spare, in which case there is no downside other than a minute to swap the card (it's a nice design hack to add the SD opening but still a little hard to get to)
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