How to Statically Assign IP address to Pine64?
I would like to statically assign an IP address to my Pine64 on my home network, however, I've noticed that every time I boot the board it comes up with a different ethernet MAC address. This behavior is unlike anything else on my home network which have fixed MAC addresses. Normally, assigning static ip addresses is easy for my home network --- surf to my wifi router and enter MAC address and static ip address assignment in its DHCP table and then I'm done.
With a new MAC address at each boot completely circumvents this simple solution. What can I do to fix the ip address assignment. BTW, I've installed and am running ArchLinux.

Not an Arch user myself, but this link should help:

Just a note: what you "normally" do isn't really setting a static IP, i just forcing the router to always issue the same IP, through DHCP, to your computer. Hook your computer, that you only changed your router settings on and thus is still configured for dynamic address, to any other network and the IP would change.
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What you say is true in general but, for my home network, using my router's DHCP functionality to simply reassign a known and repeatable unique IP address to all my devices based on a MAC address table without requiring me to understand lower level configuration of each and every device on the home network is clearly superior in my opinion. It is clean and simple! Behavior of every device on my network is no different than if every IP address was classically statically assigned according to the info in the link you provided.

Let me rephrase my question: is there a way to turn off this Ethernet MAC address generation in ArchLinux at every boot?
How have you setup your Ethernet?
Add a line:
ethaddr=xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx to /boot/uEnv.txt
where xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx is the mac address printed on the sticker on the board. If you don't like that particular MAC address you can assign whatever you wish, just make sure it is unique on your network.
Thanks everyone for this thread. This information ought to be in the pine64 wiki!

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