No,Product, No reply from Feb 2
I really thought this was a reputable company,
but I have been trying to get in touch with someone
since Feb 2,2017.I followed the Kickstarter instructions,
that sight was no more.I tried getting in touch with someone 
directly, nothing again. I have filled out 3 replies on my 
ticket since Feb 22, 2017 and again, nothing. I'm waiting 
for Kickstarter back to me with a phone number for 
the company or a creator. The only means I have left 
is the Better Business Bureau. They are getting product 
to ship out on March 10th. I want to be on that list.
Any Ideas?
Anybody else not get a board?
A bad board and was it resolved?
Thanks in Advance for your help,
hi Christopher, yes, this is a common problem. The weak link at Pine Inc is communications. They don't seem to understand ( from a Western perspective ) just how important quick feedback is; and they're not the speediest ! Let's see if TLLim will respond to this; he normally responds to the forum quickly , and will take care of your issue when he gets back ( he has been traveling in Malasia ).

Hit the support ticket again. If TLLim does not respond to this post, then we can PM him also. Another thing, it can take 2-6 weeks (depending) to get the product shipped. This is normal for serveral reasons. Many of us have had to wait some time to get the products, but the products did come along finally.

marcushh777    Cool

please join us for a chat @   or ssl

( I regret that I am not able to respond to personal messages;  let's meet on irc! )
well, it's not kickstarter stuff but as marcus mentions orders to this company take way too long to get filled. it's been just over a week for my most recent and no response from pine64 since informing me that they took my money from paypal the day of the order. my order in december took 12 days to be filled. Christopher, if you are saying that you have yet to get the kickstarter order that is bad, i thought that was over. i think tllim will straighten it out once he is aware.
(03-04-2017, 11:16 AM)cmroberts Wrote: I really thought this was a reputable company, but I have been trying to get in touch with someone since Feb 2,2017.

Christopher, Sorry to hear that... it doesn't sound good! I've had long support tickets in the past, but everything was resolved in the end. You might have had the misfortune to have been caught in the throws of Chinese New Years. As Marcus said, try bumping the support ticket again, and if that doesn't give anything within 72 hours, send tllim a PM with the ticket number so he can liven things up! Wink I think he'll be pretty concerned with this, as the support tickets were supposed to be replied to within 24 hours IIRC!  Confused Pete
Thanks everyone. I had some health problems and a surgery and had forgotten about this until November. I thought 3 months was quite a while longer than I've been used. I had no Ideas that they were still behind for orders post Kickstarter. Again thanks for the feedback, it puts things in perspective, but geez, it's hard to get a hold of anybody. I didn't know that even the creators were working out of China now. Good for them though, when you get out of the larger cities, it looks like a very beautiful country.

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