Anyone require a apple-sleek NAS case, w/ ample passive cooling & mutliple ssds?
I hadn't realized but I had spent an inordinate amount of time on a project for my rockpro64 NAS. So much so, that I thought it maybe of use to others since, through its many iterations, it has become nicely refined, maybe to the extent of a viable product.

I designed it out of a block of aluminium.
it had to be passive cooled to be in a heavily dusty environment.
it would be working hard, and in a hot workshop. As a result it had to have ample cooling, for chips and ram.
It turned out rather sleek like, apple esc due to the nature of how I chose to passively cool it.
Had to house and protect 3 SSD's.

Huh Do I have to host pics to post them here?

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