USB-C connector Overheated and melted
Hello, Postmarket os 22, pinephone daily driver now for over a year now. Plugged in my phone, while the phone was running, this morning to a USB-A to USB-C charge cable and the usb connector started melting down. Melted the back cover, the battery is ok, but the cable and usb-c side board is toast. The cable and power brick are both anker brand. Voltage and ripple on power brick seems more than reasonable, so I am ruling that out. Is this a common failure? Any idea on cause? I have never had anything like this happen before with any phone. Any guidance would be great


[Image: BPvRnyc]

[Image: BPvRnyc]
Similar report:
This can happen if the pins aren't making a good connection. (Not speaking about the Pinephone in particular, but USB charging in general).

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