No blog post this month
Where's the blog post? Smile
Read somewhere it will be a week late.
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  • PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition, daily driver, rk2aw & U-boot on SPI, Arch/SXMO & Arch/phosh on eMMC
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It has been delayed a week due to Lukasz being busy finalizing paperwork for the Pine64 EU store opening up.
Community administrator and sysadmin for PINE64
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Aha ok, thanks for the info
No September blog post?
(10-13-2022, 10:40 AM)captainmorgan Wrote: No September blog post?

And no where a mention when we can expect the next, or if there are any "monthly" updates to expect in the future, or only irregular news blogs?
I am stil looking forward to news, especially about new HW or improved SW support.

Athough I'll be distracted at the moment with the new SteamDeck&Dock as possible linux platform and check if it can replace my Pinebook Pro which still has a dockingstation external monitor problem on the "default" manjaro software (due to being on mainline linux which still doesn't have a USB-C Display ALT fix which works for the PBP).

Regards PLJ

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