Map menu key to menu in XFCE
When booting Ubuntu, the default terminal with CTRL+SHIT+F1 is too large for my screen. I cannot read the line I am typing on and miss also the beginning of the lines on the left side. This needs to be fixed, but as a safe fallback, I would like to use the terminal in XFCE.

However, with only two USB ports, many times I have the keyboard in one and a USB wifi dongle in the other. This prevents me from adding a mouse. The mouse I will only use to start a terminal in XFCE. To overcome this problem, please by default map the menu key on the keyboard to the menu action, that is the same as a right click with a mouse. Then with the keyboard I can select a terminal and do what I need to to.

I know this is for some a very specific case, but this mapping will make it so much more easy to work with the systems without the screen is fitted properly and a mouse is connected.
slightly off topic, but may help you if you're not aware....

often the missing border is a result of the monitor doing overscan when it thinks the plugged in cable is a video feed from a dvd or set top box. You should be able to go into your monitor and tell it not to do this. I've had a monitor setup like this by default in the past.
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Good pointer. My LG TV offers this.

Aspect Ratio:
  • 16:9 [currently selected]
  • Original
  • 4:3
  • 14:9
  • Zoom
  • Cinema Zoom (Level 1)
I  will try Original and let you know.
It is not always in aspect ratio. For me (Panasonic) it was not in aspect ratio but hidden somewhere deep in a system submenu
To come back to the initial bug, the menu key is not working in XFCE when I boot without a mouse. Can someone reproduce this?
Key mapping and keyboard short-cuts are the responsibility of the individual user; if the distro vendor got into the business of building key mappings or keyboard short-cuts there would be chaos.

One tip I have for you is to use a logitech keyboard and mouse. You could use the K400r which is a keyboard with built-in track pad, or you could use the K360 keyboard and the M570 track marble (paired on a single usb receiver) which uses only one usb port (your choice).
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Thanks for the tip. the menu key behavior is not clear to me, as it works only in when I have a mouse connected. Which should not be relevant, I think.

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