Using PineA64 as VNC Viewer highlights need for Video Driver

The first pic shows my PineA64 desktop PC being used as a VNC viewer to control one of my plethora of Raspberry Pis. This works very well as long as I take two things into account: 1) I must start the viewer with the -x11cursor option, or the cursor won't work at all, and 2) I must not move ANY of the windows on the remote tightvncserver !  ~nice, huh ?

These two glitches are the first (and only) glitches I have found in three weeks of testing with the PineA64 as primary desktop PC; and the reason behind the problem lies in the lack of a good video driver (mali) presumably. So, I too am waiting with baited breath for Lenny to get the mali driver into the beta kernel so we can test on it !

There are a couple of work arounds for the problem (seen in the pic below) : 1) refresh the screen by minimizing it and maximizing it, and 2) switch to an alternate desktop space and back again. 

By the way, the PineA64 works VERY well as a tightvncserver ! So, the machine may be run completely headless, and the user can still control it via full desktop interface from another machine with a viewer (like the mac screen sharing, or like my HP running Mint gnu+linux)


The pic above was created by dragging the calculator window across the screen slowly. I can refresh the screen and it will look fine again.  The new driver code should fix this little snag !  Looking forward to testing it !


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