trackpad button misbehavior pinebookpro with kali
Hello all, 

I am wondering if anyone has seen this issue. when I use the trackpad buttons, it does misbehave the most of time.  
in default, the right button should show me the menu when I click on the desktop screen but the left button shows me the menu. 
the strange thing is this doesn't always happen so I can not switch the button in the trackpad option. 
when I close a window, I can close it by using any button. so it looks like the buttons get confused with their role? there is no pattern about the misbehavior. 
Sometimes, they both just don't work.  

Currently I have Manjaro on eMMC and have Kali on micro SD card. 
with Manjaro, I don't see this issue, but with Kali, It does. 
Also I tested it with Debian and found no issue. 
does it mean we see this issue with kali only or is it only my PBP?

I observed same behavior but only under Wayland. X sessions worked fine. One of many reasons I stayed with X on PBP.

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