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No wIfI after Mobian update - crakabeats - 05-28-2022

Hello, after updating Mobian three days ago wifi and bluetooth ceased to exist.  I have the convergence dongle so was still able to connect to net.  Pinephone does not have a SIM at this time.  I have reflashed with Postmarket Phosh, Postmarket Smxo, (both are snappy but did not help with the wifi), and am now sitting with Manjaro Phosh.  Hitting the wifi icon does nothing in Manjaro.  Hitting it in Mobian would toggle but would not find any network.  Manjaro just sits there greyed out.  I am not familiar with Arch commands but have done the following:
inxi -n results in wlan0 state: down
nmcli g (and r) results WIFI  enabled
ip a results in wlan0 DOWN

I have toggled the hardware micro DIP switch at the back on the Pinephone.

Bluetooth in Mobian and Postmarket said to insert a dongle.  It's the same chip and switch, but I would just like wifi up.  Do I have a wifi brick?

Any ideas anyone?

RE: No wIfI after Mobian update - Stringbean - 08-09-2022

I have a very similar issue, my pinephone has no wifi or bluetooth, they just stopped working suddenly, and booting into a new OS doesn't fix the issue, and I tried a lot of different images. Started happening a few months ago. Only the cellular works.

RE: No wIfI after Mobian update - emsyr - 08-09-2022

Similar problem. Here is my post where I describe it with some detail :