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White screen, no UI - Greendrake - 03-05-2022

After fully upgrading my new Pro with "sudo pacman -Syyu --noconfirm", I installed openssh and attempted to make "sudo" not ask for password. Now, after changing Plasma style, restarting and unlocking the screen, all I see is this:


The icon is "Settings" which I put on the home screen. The screen reacts to device rotation, but otherwise does not react to anything. The "Settings" icon does not react either.

Good news is that ssh works — I can ssh to the phone and control it (change screen brightness for example).

Any ideas how to bring the UI back please?

UPDATE: After power off and power on again, the issue has gone. But what was it? How to prevent it?

RE: White screen, no UI - Dinobot - 03-09-2022

I had the same issue after updating, but powering off and power on did not fix it. Lately, I'm just tinkering with different distros booting from the microSD card.