Full Version: Android Images (ROCK64)
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I could not yet find a change log to read. I wonder if the root is the only change to the previous rom?...Desperately waiting to use my bluetooth dongle... greets Andfun
From the wiki:
- Rooted Android Build
- Updated to Rockchip SDK 170930
- Support USB update with update.img
I must say that for media the new release is super nice, mostly due to the pseudo-Leanback launcher that manages to combine the best of both worlds (ATV and regular Android). Nice.
well, Luke, i find the supplied launcher causes a lot more clicks than necessary. one click highlights, then 2nd click loads? why not just load on the 1st click? anyway, the launcher was the first thing i changed on the build. i wanted to say good job on the root this build. was able to update via supersu and the process did not bork the build. root checker shows that root install was proper and every app that needed root got it no problems. i will say that using terminal to give /system write privledges worked as needed. the only issue i have had is some of my paid apps do not register as paid on this build. i did update play services. . i just don't get why half work and half don't. anyway, good job on root this build, it's the best one since june 2016.
dkryder, I am using a regular remote with this build. Perhaps mouse/ keyboard behaves differently ?
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