Forum Announcement: What to do if your PinePhone Pro does not boot
If your PinePhone Pro does not boot please first of all do not panic and grab a cup of tea. There are typically two reasons why the phone might not boot, both are due to known software bugs in the old pre-flashed operating systems in the Explorer Edition.

Here are the causes and how to fix them:

The battery is drained

Cause: If the battery is drained the phone won't boot from microSD card or from the eMMC and instead get stuck in a boot loop. In that state the phone also can not be charged properly. This can also happen if the operating system got stuck at boot or at shutdown prior.

Fix: Charge your phone in Maskrom mode as explained here:

The pre-installed operating system is corrupted

Cause: The pre-installed operating system is corrupted. This can typically happen due to updates going wrong or by trying to flash incompatible images to the eMMC (for example such of the regular PinePhone or earlier Mobian releases). By default the phone will boot from the eMMC first, so it tries to boot the corrupted installation.

Fix: Flash a microSD card with a compatible operating system as explained here: Then boot the phone while holding the "volume down key" (if device was ordered after July 2022), see


Issue not fixed?

Both issues can also occur at the same time, so it's recommended to follow both instructions in order if the following only one of either did not help. Please join the bridged community channel under The friendly community is happy to help.