Forum Announcement: March Update: Tablet Bonanza!
Hello Everyone!

Unicorns have landed and the end-days are upon us!

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  • Housekeeping
    • We held our 5th community Q&A session mid-March; thank you to all those who showed up; you can watch the recorded live-stream on Youtube, PeerTube and Odysee
    • The PineStore has been target by DDOS and hacking attacks recently, which caused page time-outs and general inconvenience; rest assured nothing was compromised
    • The reworked community site is taking shape and its looking great – help us test it starting April 15
    • PINE64 EU Pinecil restock on April 1st instead of March 31st
  • Newsflash
    • Star64 will be available on April 4th in two configurations: 4GB and 8GB LPDDR4 memory for $69.99 and $89.99 respectively
    • Spike in demand for Quartz64 model-A led to temporary lack of stock; more is on the way
    • NotKamui is working on some sweet looking 3D printed back cases for the PinePhone (Pro)
    • yaky-dev has created a 3D printed Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra adapter cover for the PinePhone allowing it to be fitted with a large external battery
    • Despite there not being a dedicated PinePhone (Pro) section this month there are some interesting PP(P) news: QT6 on the PinePhone, Lup emulates the PinePhone and Ubuntu Touch is finally available for the PinePhone Pro
    • delipunch fitted the Pinebook Pro with a Peltier module and saw some good results
    • Salvador showcased old-school PC games running on the Pinebook Pro in BOX86; this included UnrealTournament 1999 – one of my favorite games
    • Jedikaal has written up instructions on how to run Klipper – a popular 3D printing firmware – on the og Pine A64
  • PineTab-V
    • PineTab-V launches at the same time as the PineTab 2 – on April 11th
    • Powered by unicorns and candyfloss 
    • Unicorn syncs seamlessly with pen and features intercompatible with both PineTab2 and PineTab-V
    • V…ery good section – must read 
  • PineTab2
    • PineTab2 will be available for pre-order on April 11th
    • Ships with DanctNix Arch Linux with KDE Plasma Desktop (software for early adopters)
    • CounterPillow talks about PineTab2’s performance: video decoding, watching Youtube, browsing the web and working with PDF documents 
    • Tested on Plebian – a vanilla Debian for RK3566 devices 
  • PineNote
    • Linux is finally taking shape on the PineNote and flashing Linux OSes is not simpler than in the past 
    • There is now a dedicated Debian with GNOME image with tailored settings for grayscale
    • Other OSes and desktop environments are being worked on too (SWAY and postmarketOS)
    • The e-paper panel now performs well (still WIP) under Linux and Xournalpp has been worked on allowing for very good pen input
    • No promises made at this time but certainly now it looks a viable Beta product for early adopters