Forum Announcement: April Community Update
This month's update is packed to the brim, enjoy!

This months TL;DR:

  • Housekeeping - PinePhone BE & Pinebook Pro orders prior to April 12th ship out this month & orders made after the 12th mid-May; follow the shipping update thread
  • Housekeeping - we’re giving 100+ OG Pinebooks to a good cause; thank you for all the suggestions!
  • Housekeeping - we’re Linux App Summit sponsors (again) this year. 
  • Quartz64 - a close look at Quartz64 model-B; feature run-down and more
  • Quartz64 - model-A delayed by a month+, as GbE PHY chip cannot be sourced and will therefore be replaced
  • Quartz64 - incredible software progress; board boots both BSP and Mainline Linux now!
  • PinePhone Hardware - keyboard back April 16th, I’ll cover it separately later this month
  • PinePhone Hardware - wireless charging + fingerprint reader back case in production - prototype shown
  • PinePhone Hardware - LoRa back case entering production
  • PinePhone Software - Plasma Mobile status & day 1 patch for PinePhone BE
  • PinePhone Software - Ubuntu Touch on the PinePhone, a look at the progress made
  • PinePhone Software - Further work on the modem; better thermals + GPS now works in custom firmware, and progress with mainline Linux on the modem 
  • PineTime - motion sensor now works in InfiniTime; wake on wrist rotate & pedometer
  • PineTime - InfiniTime UI overhaul underway and new features, including CNC
  • PineTime - working towards 1.0 release later this month - keep an eye out for blog post
  • PineTime - WaspOS progress report 
  • Pinebook Pro and PineTab - production outlook for the year, hurdles and uncertainty
  • Pinecil - The Hammer was an April fool’s joke, but it is actually real 
  • Pinecil - Thermal resistant USB-C cable & mat coming 
  • Pinecil - We hear ya’ a see-through case will be available soon
  • LoRa - PINE64 LoRa gateways now with developers; a look at the hardware 
  • LoRa - We’ve got big plans for LoRa - a list of end-nodes and add-ons already with devs
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