Forum Announcement: IMPORTANT: New Pinebook Pro oweners (kb/tp firmware update)
Hello New Pinebook Pro Owners!

You need to upgrade your keyboard and trackpad firmware. The process is quick and simple and will vastly improve your experience with the Pinebook Pro.

[edit] Linked instructions now apply to both ANSI and ISO versions of the Pinebook Pro

Instructions Link

Quick explanation of the situation

The default Pinebook Pro keyboard/trackpad firmware has a flaw which causes the keyboard to become unresponsive when your finger/palm makes contact with the trackpad. This can, and likely will, result in missing or incorrect input while typing as well as sluggish trackpad performance.

The community has already managed to resolve this issue some time ago, and package the solution nicely for end-users. We requested that the factory would flash the new firmware in the current batch of PBPs ... but clearly someone didn't do their job and current PBPs ship with the faulty firmware.

All we can do is sincerely apologize. We'll work with the factory that this doesn't happen to next batches.
Now, I strongly suggest everyone runs the firmware update scripts, as it will significantly improve your experience with the Pinebook Pro.