Oculus Rift
Hey there still waiting on my board, but wondering what project to start with, I wondered if anyone has thought about using it as an Oculus rift, or any other VR setup.


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I'm skeptical about performance. For the Oculus Rift you basically need to render two full HD scenes at the same time, which is the reason it has so steep hardware requirements. The PINE lacks in rendering performance I guess.
The pine won't support dual displays. Might work with something like Google Cardboard, though.
The oculus rift require the GPU equivilent of a Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 and Aprox. a processor equivalent to an Intel i5.

I'm pretty sure the pine's specs do not meet close to that, correct me if I am wrong. That's why people build $1200 VR rigs
Sure you could, the necessary connections are there, and you can program all kind of stuff. HDMI output should have enough resolution to show something. But it would utterly slow for anything but very simple demo. Not to mention that you will not be able to run any, ANY, of the Windows, Mac or Linux x86 games, which are still few. Maybe there are some open source ones, so you could fidle around, or write you own software, (or use some kind of emulator, sic), but it would be all horribly slow.

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