Using the Movidius NCS with rock64
hello friends,

Although the movidius NCS doesn't officially support the rock64, I was able to modify the install scripts to get it working. I went with the Bionic-LXDE operating system (since it appears to be the most stable DE). Note that this is version 1 of the SDK. Future plans is to convert version 2 soon.

I created a github repo with instructions on how to set everything up

basically just 
git clone
cd ncsdk-aarch64
sudo make install
source ~/.bashrc
sudo make api

If you want to install tensorflow, I made an aarch64 version
git clone
pip3 install Tensorflow-1.9rc0-py36-aarch64/tensorflow-1.9.0rc0-cp36-cp36m-linux_aarch64.whl

then, to build the examples, run
sudo make examples

Also you can watch a video I made that goes through all the steps as well

good luck!!

Mark Jay

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