Help needed - installing Parrot OS on PINE A64+2GB Board
(03-05-2018, 12:56 AM)Doryan Wrote: Help needed - installing Parrot OS on PINE A64+2GB Board

Should I image the SD card with the FAT32 format or what other format?

Does Parrot OS support non HD resolutions? I ask because I only own an old SVGA monitor and a projector that also doesn't support HD resolution. I happen to have a HDMI to SVGA adapter, which I use with my Rpi 2 running Parrot Sec OS without a problem, but my experience with PINE A64+2GB Board has been totally different, since I haven't been able to even make it work.

Write any image for sd cad no need setting format from yourself just only download Etcher to burn your sd card can work it.

The hdmi to svga seem is not work .

see to Plug in the HDMI Cable, Ethernet Cable and Peripherals

And Don't know Parrot OS used from who kernel and what version to build this image  , if ( ayufan ) new image
/boot/uEnv.txt can edit resolution but i haven't to try edit it svga will work or not .

You can easily to find out your image is it work .

1.  Because i don't know Parrot OS the SSH have enable or disable .
If you can login from SSH this means the image not problem only the hdmi to svga can't support or you haven't edit /boot/uEnv.txt .

2. And use ipscan tool can find out your parrot os ip addr , if can find it the kernel is already running .............
If I am wrong please correct my content , thank !

1. Use Pine64 Running Ubuntu 16.04 Web Server ( LAMP )

2. Use Pine64 Running Official Android 6  for Media player
3. Use Pine64 Running Volumio Digital Audio Player

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