OMV - transmission watch fix
How to fix "watch" in OMV - transmission plugin:

Watch option checks for *.torrent files in folder and starts downloading them straight away.
OMV by default doesn't let users use Internal memory.
Yes, even home folders (if enabled) are stored on external drive (as a workaround they can be symlinked).

For some reason if "watch" folder is pointed to external drive and file added by SMB share, it checks the "watch" folder only once when daemon start.

Here is quick fix:

In OMV Samba config add to additional options for symbolic links supoprt:
follow symlinks = yes
unix extensions = no
wide links = yes
allow insecure wide links = yes

create symlink (either manually or via "openmediavault-symlinks" extension) 

make sure appropriate rights are given to linked folder (chmod 777)

Point Watch directory to symlinked folder (as OMV doesn't support internal storage).

Restart Rock64

Now Watch should work properly. It does for me at least Smile

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