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(09-10-2018, 06:59 PM)Pajaro Wrote: Aloha,

Well, being a Linux newbe!  I have tried looking through this forum and giving up on finding  "Installing Debian Stretch Minimal 64bit OS Image." with a GUI interface.  When I install this OS, only CLI is available.  Is there some packages I need to install.  I have no clue!  I thought the Rock64 OS would install Linux in a GUI mode.  I appreciate any links to better describe process of installing Debian Stretch Minimal 64bit OS Image.  My ODROID XU4 work fine.  About to give up on ROCK64!

Thanks for any help from the Forum...


What Luke say is spot on but let me add for your future reference that "minimal" images do not include a desktop GUI, you need an image that specifies "desktop" or "LXDE"

You can manually install a desktop on most distros but you need to setup dependencies and manual editing to correctly use VPU and GPU, if you are noobish its a lot easier to just burn an image with a desktop completelly setup beforehand...

If you wonder why there are images with and without a desktop environment its because most people use these board as actual development boards (so they code their own interface and some dont need a gui at all), others use them as micro-servers (again not needing a GUI at all), others use them to control other devices as home automation controllers (in most cases automated and/or not needing a local interface, controlled remotelly), there is also the Kodi people wich only use Kodi itself as "desktop" with nothing behind it...learn something new every day Big Grin

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