FAN hook up (how?)
Hey guys,

I had an old laptop laying around and I decided to rip it open and get the little cpu fan out so I could possibly hook it up to the Pine64 board. NOw.....there doesn't seem to be a hook up for this kind of connection. I was wondering if there was a possibility for me to just take the connector off and connect the wires up somewhere to get the fan going.

The reason I want a fan in there is because the bloody thing seems to over heat a little and freeze. Right now I have it outside of the case and it hasn't froze yet, so that indicates to me, that it's been an over heating issue for the processor. Please refer to the picture below and tell me how I could go about connecting this little fan. It actually had a little heat sinc hooked up to it as well...I suppose I could put the heat sinc on as well if I wanted to improve cooling even more.

Thanks guys...
Please read this link


Please read this follow-on link

Your motor is a three wire brushless DC motor;  which means it requires a brushless motor controller ( either 5v or 12v )

The controller might be built in, which means the third wire is a pwm input;  but I seriously doubt it.  One wire is ground, and the other two are both voltage or voltage and sensor;  in any case, without the controller it is going to be difficult to connect the motor to the pine.  On the other hand,  if you can get the specs for the motor you might be able to provide the right brushless controller, or you might be able to make the pine into the controller.

In my links above I am using a two wire brushless motor and python coding to provide the controller pwm signal via 2N2222 transistor.

This is a good starting point.
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