keyboard charging fault, chip "most likely damaged", how to be sure?
The battery component of my pinephone keyboard is malfunctioning with symptoms described exactly in megi's FAQ, so I'm just quoting them here (emphasis mine):

Quote:Phone is not charging from the keyboard battery at all and keyboard power button does nothing

does not become available, even when connecting the USB power supply to the keyboard, and is empty, that means that the charger chip is not responding, even when powered up. That means the chip is most likely damaged.

"most likely damaged", it says. Is there a known alternative possibility that I could test for, and possible ways to fix the unit?

I have had the keyboard for only a month and have barely used it. I was very aware that I should never charge it through the phone's USB-C socket and I am pretty sure I didn't. I did leave it connected to a charger via the keyboard's socket for a week once and maybe that's when the fault happened, although that still seems surprising to me.
I got it working again. The trick was to press the keyboard's power button *while* it was connected to a power supply.

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